• SECTION 1. Purpose. - It is the purpose of these rules to aid anyone who wishes to appear before the Energy Regulatory Commission and participate in any proceeding before it. It is the Commission’s intention to be accessible and to make its Rules of Practice and Procedure clear and understandable for the parties, their attorneys, and the general public.
  • SECTION 2. Application of Rules. - Unless otherwise stated, these rules apply to all proceedings before the Commission where the Commission is required under prevailing laws, rules and guidelines to hold a hearing or to afford to the parties to the proceeding before it an opportunity for a hearing before making a decision.
  • SECTION 3. General Powers of the Commission under these Rules. - The Commission may issue general or specific procedural directions at any time, including before or during any proceeding. The Commission may also exempt itself from these rules in the broader interest of justice and apply such suitable procedure that shall secure the just and expeditious determination of the matters in issue.
  • SECTION 4. Construction of these Rules. - These rules shall be liberally construed to secure the most expeditious and least expensive determination of every proceeding before the Commission on its merits, consistent, however, with the requirements of justice.
  • SECTION 5. Application of the Rules of Court. - In the absence of any applicable provision in these rules, the pertinent provisions of the Supreme Court of the Philippines’ Rules of Court and Rules on Electronic Evidence may, in the interest of expeditious disposition of the cases pending before the Commission and whenever practicable and convenient, be applied suppletorily or by analogy.