Resolution No. 14, Series of 2023, A Resolution Adopting the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Rate for the Extension Period (3rd Round) of Run-Of-River (ROR) Hydropower Until the Full Subscription of the 250MW Installation Target

Date Docketed: 8/15/2023
Published: 8/15/2023

Resolution No. 10, Series of 2023, A Resolution Suspending the Inclusion of the National Franchise Tax of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) in the Total Monthly Transmission Cost Billing of Distribution Utilities

Date Docketed: 8/8/2023
Published: 8/8/2023

Resolution No. 11, Series of 2023, A Resolution Adopting the Extension of Suspension of the Collection of Feed-In Tariff Allowance (FIT-ALL)

Date Docketed: 8/4/2023
Published: 8/4/2023

Resolution No. 06, Series of 2023, A Resolution Adopting the Green Energy Auction Reserve (GEAR) Prices for the Second Round of Auction

Date Docketed: 6/14/2023
Published: 6/14/2023

Resolution No. 08, Series of 2023, A Resolution Adopting the Procurement Guidelines for the Regulated Transmission and Distribution Assets of Regulated Entities

Date Docketed: 5/30/2023
Published: 5/30/2023

Resolution No. 07, Series of 2023, A Resolution Adopting a Leniency Program of the Governing Period for the Filing of the Application for Renewal of the Certificate of Authority (CA) to Operate and Maintain a Meter Shop Pursuant to Section 3.1 Article III of ERC Resolution No. 12, Series of 2009

Date Docketed: 5/22/2023
Published: 5/22/2023

Resolution No. 09, Series of 2023, A Resolution Prescribing a Template for Compromise Agreement Between or Among Parties for the Settlement of Consumer Complaints, and the Approving Authorities for Such Cases of Compromise Agreements

Date Docketed: 5/12/2023
Published: 5/12/2023

Resolution No. 04, Series of 2023, A Resolution Constituting an Interim Grid Management Committee (GMC) for a Specific Purpose and Perform Limited Functions under the Philippine Grid Code

Date Docketed: 5/3/2023
Published: 5/3/2023

Resolution No. 03, Series of 2023, A Resolution Setting the Installed Generating Capacity and Market Share Limitation per Grid and National Grid for 2023

Date Docketed: 3/8/2023
Published: 4/5/2023

Resolution No. 02, Series of 2023, A Resolution Adopting the Extension of Suspension of the Collection of Feed-in Tariff Allowance (FIT-ALL)

Date Docketed: 2/22/2023
Published: 2/22/2023

Resolution No. 01, Series of 2023, Amendment to the ERC Rules Supplementing the Switching and Billing Process and Adopting a Disconnection Policy for the Contestable Customers

Date Docketed: 1/17/2023
Published: 2/3/2023
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