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Small Power Utility Group

Company NameCOC No.
Abad Santos Diesel Power Plant06-04-GXT--15078
Agutaya Diesel Power Plant06-04-GXT--15113
Almagro Diesel Power Plant06-04-GXT--15119
Balabac Diesel Power Plant06-04-GXT--15116
Balimbing Diesel Power Plant06-04-GXT--15075
Balut Diesel Power Plant06-04-GXT--15079
Banton Diesel Power Plant06-04-GXT--15109
Basco Diesel Power Plant06-04-GXT--15117
Cagayancillo Diesel Power Plant06-04-GXT--15028
Caluya Diesel Power Plant06-03-GXT--14330
Conception Diesel Power Plant06-03-GXT--14327
Corcuera Diesel Power Plant06-04-GXT--14719
Cuyo Diesel Power Plant06-04-GXT--15186
Dinagat Diesel Power Plant06-04-GXT--15029
El Nido Diesel Power Plant06-04-GXT--15120
Kabugao Diesel Power Plant06-05-GXT--15616
Limasawa Diesel Power Plant06-02-GXT--14323
Linapacan Diesel Power Plant06-04-GXT--15077
Loreto Diesel Power Plant06-04-GXT--15115
Loreto Diesel Power Plant06-04-GXT--15115

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