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ERC Intensifies Transparency Efforts with Database of Generation Rates per Region

03 May 2023/ERC-Planning and Public Information Service

PASIG CITY – Energy stakeholders and consumers can now access the latest approved generation rates per region and per technology through the Energy Regulatory Commission’s (ERC) website. This move aims to promote transparency in the energy sector and ensures that Distribution Utilities (DUs) are aware of the maximum tariff allowed to be collected from consumers in case of emergency Power Supply Agreements (EPSAs).
Pursuant to the Section 2.2.2 of the Department of Energy (DOE) Department Circular No. DC 2018-02-0003, as amended by DOE Department Circular No. DC 2021-09-0030, the rates to be charged in EPSAs shall be equivalent to or lower than the latest ERC-approved generation rate for the same or similar technology in comparable areas.  

ERC’s database for generation rates also provides the benchmark for the most recent rates deemed by ERC as reasonable and compliant with the least cost mandate. With this, DUs across the country will have sufficient information in contracting their PSAs at the least cost.
Moreover, the database also informs consumers about the generation rates of the PSAs implemented in their franchise areas as well as the status of the PSA applications pending with the ERC.

To access the database, internet users may go to the ERC official website (, click on the agency's Transparency Seal, and go to DU’s Generation Rates. Users are advised to check the database for changes in the reference rates as the data will be updated from time to time.


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