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DUs Warned Against Breach of ERC’s Directives

In its letter dated 22 May 2020, the Energy Regulatory Commission
(ERC) warned the Distribution Utilities (DUs) through its associations, the
Philippine Electric Plant Owners Association, Inc. (PEPOA), Philippine
Rural Electric Cooperatives Association, Inc. (PHILRECA), and the National
Association of General Managers of Electric Cooperative, Inc. (NAGMEC),
that their non-compliance with the directives contained in the series of
Advisories it issued will be dealt with accordingly.

“DUs that will be found and proven to have breached our directives
during the national emergency and deviated from the intent of the
President to alleviate the financial difficulties of the Filipino people during
the crisis will be penalized through the imposition of appropriate fines
pursuant to relevant rules and laws”
, said ERC Chairperson and CEO Agnes
VST Devanadera.

The ERC issued on various dates a series of advisories to all DUs during
the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) period. It has continuously
kept an eye on the activities in the electric power industry and introduced
some mitigating initiatives, such as the directive to provide a longer grace
period and staggering of electricity bill payment, to help alleviate the plight
of the electricity consumers nationwide that has been adversely affected by
the quarantine measures of the government.
“We are noting down and keeping records of all the complaints that
we have received against DUs’ alleged high billings during the ECQ, and we
are sternly warning them that we will not have second thoughts to penalize
those DUs who have been remiss or defiant of our orders”
, Chair
Devanadera concluded.


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