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Red Alert and Emergency State Triggers ILP Activation - ERC

With Yellow and Red Alerts plaguing the Luzon Grid, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) issued a Resolution clarifying the circumstances that can activate the Interruptible Load Program (ILP) of a Distribution Utility (DU).  

To lower the peak demand, thereby reducing the stress to the Grid, DUs like Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) resorted to the implementation of the ILP.  ILP is a program adopted by the ERC as early as 2010.  Under this program, customers enter into an agreement with their DU to voluntarily de-load or disconnect from the power Grid for a limited period whenever the power supply is constricted.

Previously, ILP is only activated whenever the System Operator would declare that the grid is on red alert.  However, the ERC recognizes the need to clarify such interpretation as the ILP can greatly help reduce the demand even before a red alert status is declared.  

Under the Amended ILP Rules, ILP may also be activated during other grid conditions like emergency state as defined under the Philippine Grid Code (PGC).

“We saw the urgency to clarify the Amended ILP Rules that we issued, particularly as to what is contemplated by the phrase “such other minimum threshold” that would constitute as a condition to activate the ILP.  Therefore, we would like to clarify that the phrase, “such other minimum threshold” refers to the emergency state of the Grid as defined in the Philippine Grid Code (PGC) 2016 Edition”, ERC Chairperson and CEO Agnes VST Devanadera explained.  

Under Section GO of the PGC 2016 Edition, the Grid shall be considered to be in the Emergency State when either a Single or a Multiple Outage Contingency has occurred without resulting in Total System Blackout, but any one of the following conditions exists:

(a)    There is a generation deficiency or Operating Margin is zero;
(b)    The Grid transmission voltage is outside the limits of 0.90 pu and 1.10 pu of the nominal value; or
(c)    The loading level of any transmission line or substation equipment is above 11% of its Operational Thermal Limit Capacity.

“In view of the said clarification, the NGCP is hereby directed to call on the DU-ILP Administrators to implement their respective ILPs particularly during situations of Red Alert and Emergency State, as specified in the Philippine Grid Code 2016 Edition”, Chair Devanadera emphasized.  


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