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ERC Adopts Automated Work Processes

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) started to revise and streamline its work processes through the ERC Web portal for Interactive and Systematic Exchange (eWISE) with the objective of improving regulatory efficiency and effectiveness and to better manage regulatory work. The eWISE will be formally launched in June 2018 as a breakthrough innovation.

The ERC sought a third party assessment of its existing work processes from Castalia Strategic Advisors in early 2014. In August 2014, Castalia proposed to modify and streamline the Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) Rules, Power Supply Agreement (PSA) and Rules for Setting Electric Cooperatives’ Wheeling Rates (RSEC-WR). In March 2016, SRA Information Technology and Castalia completed the high level IT system design. The Commission approved SRA’s proposed policy, infrastructure, and design for the eWISE system.  In February 2017, the detailed design and implementation of eWISE kicked off while the business requirements and design workshops were completed by August 2017 leading to the go-signal for the software development of the eWISE.
The eWISE is an interactive portal between regulated entities and the ERC to manage submissions and track regular filings, requests for approvals and other requirements. The eWISE aims to streamline the regulatory processes necessary to achieve the zero backlog target, automate data validation and ensure web portal security.

In preparation to the eWISE project’s implementation, employees from the various ERC Services were engaged to act as change facilitators. They participated in the Change Management Workshop held in Sta. Rosa, Laguna on 19-20 April 2018. The workshop was held to equip the change facilitators in managing the transition stage, and to craft a communication plan to address the issues relative to the implementation of the eWISE Project. The change management series of workshops provide ample opportunity to raise awareness and understand change as a constant part of one’s personal and professional life.

The eWISE will be beneficial to stakeholders as it provides a centralized database, embed all regulatory approval processes in the system with full documentation and recorded justification, improve quality and data governance to minimize data loss, and establish a single source of truth.
"The shift to the eWISE system serves as a catalyst as it introduces a new and better way of doing things in the ERC. The Commission recognizes the need to equip the employees with the proper knowledge and skills to facilitate the transition stage and ensure the success of the ERC’s eWISE project.  The eWISE is expected to achieve the envisioned zero backlog state of the ERC,” ERC Chairperson and CEO Agnes VST Devanadera said.  


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