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The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) asked the public to comment on the proposed rules on monitoring and reporting process of bill deposits charged by distribution utilities to consumers.

In a Notice issued by ERC, it is currently accepting comments on the “Rules to Govern the Monitoring and Reporting of Bill Deposits” until 15 June 2017. Comments submitted within the period will be considered and reviewed by the Commission if relevant to the Draft Rules.

Among the salient features of the proposed rules include the obligation of the distribution utilities to comply with the reportorial requirements for the submission of an annual periodic report containing, among others, the total amount of the bill deposits collected or refunded to consumers.

The proposed Rules also imposed other means needed to ensure the public that distribution utilities exercise transparency, specifically through publication of the key information disclosing all important terms and conditions, systems and procedures relating to bill deposits using clear and simple language in their respective websites.

Bill deposits are the total amount collected from consumers which aim to secure the payment of electricity bills for new and/or additional service and from disconnected consumers who were previously not subject to bill deposits.

“The call for public comment related with the ERC’s rulemaking authority, particularly with these Rules on Bill Deposits, is a vital part of the regulatory process and serves as means to protect the interest of the public,” said OIC of the Energy Regulatory Commission Alfredo J. Non.

Interested parties may download an electronic copy of the draft rules from the ERC Website. Comments may be sent to


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