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ERC preserves service connection to BUSECO

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) ordered the Bukidnon Sub-Transmission Corporation (BSTC) to halt its disconnection and suspension of service to Bukidnon Second Electric Cooperative (BUSECO) in view of the latter’s alleged failure to pay its delinquent accounts with BSTC. BUSECO sought the intervention of the ERC through a petition it filed on September 09, 2016.

 “The ERC acted with dispatch on the petition of BUSECO for the issuance of a cease and desist order against BSTC to avert any negative socio-economic impact that will be caused by the suspension of BUSECO’s electric service”, ERC Chairman and CEO Jose Vicente B. Salazar stated.

BSTC is operating the 69kv Sub-Transmission System (STS) in the Province of Bukidnon and serving First Bukidnon Electric Cooperative, Inc. (FIBECO) and BUSECO.

BSTC was set to effect the disconnection of service to BUSECO on September 15, 2016 (Thursday) at 12:00 NN. The disconnection would have deprived the whole franchise area of BUSECO of electricity service since BUSECO would not receive electricity through the BSTC Sub-Transmission System for the duration of the suspension of service of BSTC. The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) was likewise set to schedule an interruption on September 15, 2016 at 12:00 NN to pave the way for such disconnection and suspension of service of BSTC STS to BUSECO.

“Considering that such disconnection will cause serious and irreparable damage to the consumers, the Commission directed the parties to observe the status quo prevailing before the issuance of the notice of disconnection and refrain from the intended disconnection of BUSECO’s facilities. The Commission also directed BUSECO to pay at least ten percent (10%) of the latter’s outstanding balance pending the hearing and disposition of the case”, ERC Chairman Salazar added.


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