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ERC collaborates with PCC in probing GenCos

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) will collaborate with the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) on the investigation of the alleged anti-competitive practices of generation companies (GenCos).  The probe of the GenCos was prompted by the recent forced outages that resulted in rotational brownouts in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

“The ERC will work hand in hand with the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) to determine whether there was indeed market power abuse or anti-competitive or discriminatory acts committed by some generation companies or GenCos during the recent forced outages.  ERC and PCC will formalize our partnership soon so we could define our specific roles to competently execute and fulfill our respective mandates”, ERC Chairman and CEO Jose Vicente B. Salazar stated.

The Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA) of 2001 mandates the ERC to monitor and penalize, motu proprio, any act that constitutes market power abuse and/or anti-competitive or discriminatory behavior by any electric power industry participant.

The Philippine Competition Act (PCA) of 2015 or R.A. 10667, on the other hand, mandates the PCC to implement and enforce the said national competition policy in order to ensure the promotion and protection of the competitive market by prohibiting anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominant position, and anti-competitive mergers and acquisitions.

“Having the PCC as an ally of the ERC will facilitate the investigation and adjudication of alleged collusion among GenCos.  We will champion and work for the benefit of Filipino consumers whose best interests we are mandated to promote and safeguard,” ERC Chairman Salazar asserted.


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