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The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) hereby alerts the public of unscrupulous people purporting to be ERC engineers or representatives going by the names of: (1) Noel Francisco (alleging himself to be a “Chief Engineer”); (2) Rafael Canlas (alleging himself to be an “Assistant Engineer”); (3) Noel Carino; and (4) Jun Canlas.  These people  purport themselves to be holding offices at the 16th Floor, ERC Lab, ERC Building, Pacific Center, Ortigas.  Please refer to the photos above. Reports have reached the ERC that these people falsely offer and make deceitful undertakings about meter calibration services to MERALCO customers.  Reports say they charge PhP1,000.00 for the said service.  

THE PUBLIC IS WARNED NOT TO TRANSACT with the foregoing individuals as they are not and have never been employees nor engineers of the ERC.  We request the public to be extremely cautious and report all incidents to the ERC’s Consumer Affairs Service (under Atty. Marizon Gines) at 687-55-77 (or -44), 689-5343 or  689-53-88  or to the MERALCO CALL CENTER at 16-211 so appropriate criminal, civil or administrative sanctions may be enforced.  Thank you.


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