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NOTICE, In the Matter of the Implementation of the Methodology Under the Rules For Setting Distribution Wheeling Rates (RDWR) [Archive-284]

Notice    is   hereby    given  that   on   October    14,   2013,   the Commission    posted   in  its  official   website   at    the Issues    Paper    on   the    Implementation     of    Performance     Based Regulation   (PBR)  for  Privately-Owned   Electricity  Distribution   Utilities Under the Rules  for Setting  Distribution  Wheeling  Rates  (RDWR),  for comments  of interested  parties not later than  November  11, 2013 and for public consultation  on November  25, 2013.


On October  30, 2013, the Commission  received  letters from the Manila  Electric  Company  (MERALCO)  and the Private  Electric  Power Operators  Association   (PEPOA)  requesting  that  the  deadline  for the submission   of comments  on the  Issues  Paper  be extended  and that the  public  consultation   be deferred  to  January  2014  to  afford  them ample  time  to prepare their respective  position  papers.


Finding  the  said  requests  meritorious,  the  Commission   hereby extends  the  deadline  for  the  filing  of comments   on the  said  Issues Paper  until  December  23, 2013  and resets the  public  consultation  to January   14,  2014 (Tuesday)  at two o'clock  in the afternoon  (2:00 P.M.)   at   the   Energy   Regulatory    Commission    (ERC)   Hearing Room,  15th   Floor,  Pacific  Center  Building,  San  Miguel  Avenue, Pasig  City.


All  interested  parties  may submit  their  comments   (in both hard and   soft  copies)   using the  prescribed   format   (hereto   attached   as Annex  "A")  on or before  December  23, 2013. Electronic copies may be sent to Parties  who  have  filed  their written comments  on or  before the prescribed  period  would  be given  priority during  the   above-scheduled    public  consultation. The said Issues Paper may be photocopied at cost, during the regular office hours at the ERC Main Office at 17th Floor, Pacific Center, San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City.

Date Published: 11/7/2013


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