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Notice of Registration into the ERC’S Electronic Mailing List [Archive-25]

Notice is hereby given of the creation of an electronic mailing list by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) for the purpose of creating a real-time notice system for: (a) the posting of schedules of public hearing and public consultations; (b) the flagging of recently-issued or uploaded Decisions and Orders; and (c) other items for public knowledge, especially those that are time-sensitive.

Any person intending to be included in the electronic mailing list must register by sending to (the ERC’s Public Information e-mail address) the following data in-line: (1) Name and Position/Title; (2) Affiliated Organization; (3) Postal Address; (4) Telephone numbers (including the fax number/s); and (5) an indication of the preferred subject, that is whether the concerns lie in the sectors of: (1) Distribution, or (2) Generation, (3) Transmission, (4) Supply, (5) Consumer Affairs or all five sectors. Registrants should state in the “Subject:” field of their e-mails - “Registration into the e-mailing list”.

These pieces of information are subject to verification and the submission of false information would serve as a ground from permanent exclusion from the mailing list, as well as for administrative, civil or criminal actions. For the purpose of the ERC’s computer system’s integrity, registrants shall refrain from sending any form of attachments. Any violation hereof would be dealt with accordingly.

Date Published: 3/23/2007


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