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Retail Competition Readiness Seminar for ECs a Success [Archive-21]

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) conducted a Retail Competition Readiness Seminar for Electric Cooperatives (ECs) in Luzon last November 7, 2006. Held at the ERC Hearing Room, the day-long seminar aimed to provide the participants with the knowledge and tools needed to face the challenges of retail competition. Also, it aimed to identify concrete steps towards addressing weaknesses/problems that hinder their readiness for open access.

ERC Chairman Rodolfo B. Albano, Jr. welcomed the participants and urged them to take advantage of seminars like this to raise their concerns. “We designed this seminar with your needs specially in mind. Your acquaintance with the rules on retail competition will enable you to perform effectively in an open access environment. Together, we will come closer to the accomplishment of our mission in the Electric Power Industry Reform Act,” Chairman Albano remarked.

The seminar discussed the implications of retail competition and open access to ECs and end-users, and specifically focused on the five (5) rules promulgated by ERC for retail competition and open access. These are: 1) Guidelines for the Issuance of Licenses to Retail Electricity Suppliers; 2) Code of Conduct for Competitive Retail Market Participants; 3) Business Separation Guidelines, As Amended; 4) Distribution Service and Open Access Rules; and 5) Rules for the Supplier of Last Resort.

Discussions during open fora were vibrant as participants actively raised their issues and concerns related to each rule/guideline presented. The lively exchanges on the questions raised shed light on matters that particularly concerned ECs.

Comparing the results of the pre and post course examinations given, it was revealed that, in general, the participants’ understanding of the rules for retail open access deepened.

A total of forty eight (48) participants attended, representing eighteen (18) ECs, nine (9) of which are the ECs which have potential contestable customers. NEA Administrator Edita S. Bueno and other officials were also present to listen to the concerns of the ECs and to provide the necessary support and assistance in accordance with their mandate.

Commissioner Rauf A. Tan, before putting the seminar to a close, provided an opportunity to entertain further questions from the participants. The participants were highly appreciative of the seminar as they believed it has enhanced their appreciation not only of the rules, but also of their specific roles in a competitive environment.

Date Published: 11/17/2006


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