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A world class and independent electric power industry regulator that equitably promotes and protects the interests of consumers and other stakeholders, to enable the delivery of long-term benefits that contribute to sustained economic growth and an improved quality of life.

ERC Offices

Office Address: Energy Regulatory Commission, Exquadra Tower 1 Jade Drive, Ortigas Center, Brgy. San Antonio, Pasig City 1605, Metro Manila, Philippines

ERC PABX Trunkline: (02) 8689-5372 

General Information: Tel: (02) 8689-5372 loc. 5211; Fax: (02) 8631-5816; Email:;

Consumer Complaints: Tel: (02) 8689-5372 loc. 5345; (02) 8687-5577; (02) 8689-5398; (02) 8689-5397; Fax: (02) 8687-5577; Email:; 

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ERC Directory
OfficeContact PersonEmailPhone Number
Office of the ChairmanHon. Monalisa C. Dimalanta
(02) 8689-5331
(02) 8689-5360
(02) 8633-4556
(02) 8689-5362
(02) 8631-5997
(Tel/ Fax)
Office of the CommissionersCatherine P.
(02) 8689-5361

Atty. Alexis M.
(02) 8689-5364

Atty. Floresinda G.
(02) 8638-4955
(02) 8689-5363

Marko Romeo L. Fuentes
(02) 8689-5365
Office of the Executive DirectorAtty. Floresinda G.
(02) 8634-8641

Office of the General Counsel and Secretariat

Office of Director

Central Records Division
Atty. Heiddi Venecia R. Barrozo

Atty. Ruby Ann B. Ventura

Ma. Lucila M. Giron
(02) 8689-5346

Financial and Administrative ServiceJudith L. Mangosing

Accounting DivisionBenigno Emil Y. Nalus
(02) 8638-4519
Budget DivisionZierla Marie S.

General Services Division

Cashier Section
Cherry Lynn S. Gonzales

Eleanor K. Corpuz
(02) 8706-5259
Human Resource Management DivisionAtty. Gloria S. Tirado
(02) 8689-5379
Legal ServiceAtty. Maria Corazon C. Gines

Legal Division for Compliance CasesAtty. Leila Grace A. San Pedro

Legal Division for Non Rates CasesAtty. Chiara Angela LB. Blanco

Legal Division for Rates CasesVacant

Planning and Public Information ServiceEllen C. Ebcas
(02) 8631-5816
(02) 8631-5818
Information and Data Management DivisionDr. August Anthony N. Balute
(02) 8689-5343
(02) 8631-5816
Management Information System DivisionTeofilo G.
(02) 8689-5342
(02) 8689-5343
Planning DivisionVacant
(02) 8689-5342
Public Information
(02) 8689-5343
Regulatory Operations ServiceEngr. Legario L. Galang
(02) 8634-8641

Investigation Enforcement Division for AdjudicationAtty. Krisha Marie T. Buela

Investigation Enforcement Division for Distribution UtilitiesEngr. Nelson G. Canlas 8689-5348

Investigation Enforcement Division for Generation CompaniesLeila O. Cirio
Standards DivisionEngr. Legario L. Galang,
(02) 8689-5311
(02) 8689-5357
(02) 8689-5358
Tariffs and Rates DivisionEngr. Alvin Jones M.
Market Operations ServiceSharon O. Montañer 8689-5390

Contestable Market DivisionLeticia N.
(02) 8689-5393

Licensing Market Monitoring DivisionAtty. Marina C.
(02) 8689-5391

Renewable Energy DivisionEngr. Jayson G. Corpuz

Spot Market DivisionEloisa Y. Gipa
(02) 8689-5392
Consumer Affairs ServiceAtty. Gregorio L. Ofalsa

Concerns with regard to high billing or wherein a consumer's recent bill is double or triple the amount of their previous billing/s

Concerns with regard to billing wherein a previous payment was not reflected in the current billing issued

Concerns arising from DU charges or issued billing despite the non-occupancy of the consumer's service address

Concerns arising from billing issues wherein the consumer has not yet received a billing, or is requesting for a billing based on actual meter reading

Concerns arising from Service Irregularity or alleged violations of R.A. No. 7832 or the Anti-Pilferage of Electricity and Theft of Electric Transmission Lines / Materials Act of 1994 and any other concerns with regards to DUs and their service - e.g. technical issues such as power outages, line repairs etc
(02) 8689-5338

Consumer Service DivisionAtty. Marie Alexis Denise S. Gayon
(02) 8687-5577
(02) 8687-5544
(02) 8689-5398
Meter DivisionRicci Grace M. Garcia
(02) 8689-5397

Mindanao Area Operations DivisionAtty. Gregorio L. Ofalsa
(082) 227-2035
(082) 224-1575

Visayas Area Operations Division
Atty. Joel Y. - Globe


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