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Section 1. Motions in General. - All requests for relief other than what is sought by pleading shall be by motion. Motions must be in writing or made on the record during a hearing. A motion shall fully state the action requested or order sought and the grounds relied upon and, if necessary to prove facts alleged therein that are not yet of record, shall be accompanied by supporting affidavits and other papers. A copy of the written motion shall be served upon all the parties before filing with the Commission.
Section 2. Objections. - Any party objecting to a written motion filed pursuant to this rule shall, within ten (10) days from receipt of a copy of the motion, file an objection thereto in writing setting forth in detail the grounds for the objection. The time for filing objections may be varied by order of the Commission.
Section 3. Action on the Motion. - The Commission or the presiding officer may conduct such proceedings and enter such orders as are deemed necessary to address issues raised by the motion.
Section 4. Delay of Proceeding. - Except as otherwise directed by the Commission or the presiding officer, the filing of a motion, either prior to or during any proceeding, and any action thereon, shall not delay the conduct of such proceeding.


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