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Section 1. Classification of Parties. - According to the nature of the proceedings before the Commission and the relationships of the parties to the proceedings, a party to a proceeding shall be classified as an applicant, petitioner, complainant, respondent, or intervenor.
Section 2. Appearances. - A party may represent itself or may be represented by an attorney. Any non-lawyer who satisfies the Commission or the presiding officer that he or she possesses the expertise to render valuable service to a party and assist it in the presentation of matters before the Commission, may be allowed to appear on behalf of a party or parties. The Commission may also direct the appearance of the Grid Management Committee, Distribution Management Committee, or some other experts, as intervenors in certain cases where, in the determination of the Commission, they may be of assistance to the Commission in the resolution of matters brought before it.
Section 3. Conduct Required. - Any person appearing in a proceeding before the Commission must conform to recognized standards of ethical and courteous conduct required of persons appearing before the regular courts. Contumacious conduct by any person at any hearing before the Commission is a ground for the exclusion of that person from that hearing and for summary suspension of that person from further participation in the proceeding.
Section 4. Rights of Parties. - At any proceeding before the Commission, each party of record is entitled to enter an appearance, introduce evidence, examine and cross-examine witnesses, make arguments, make and argue motions and generally participate in the proceeding.
The Commission or the presiding officer shall acknowledge an oppositor for the purpose of making a statement.
Section 5. Withdrawal of Representative. - Any representative wishing to withdraw from a proceeding before the Commission must make a motion stating the reasons for the requested withdrawal and, as far as practicable, must secure the conformity of the party represented. 


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