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Section 1. Rate Applications and Other Applications or Petitions for Relief Affecting the Consumers. - Among the applications or petitions that directly affect the electricity rates chargeable to the end users or directly affect the consumers are applications for a general change in rate schedules or revision of rates and applications for approval of a power supply contract between a distribution utility and power producer.
The Commission may consider other applications and petitions as falling under this category of applications/petitions and thus direct compliance with the pre-filing requirements in Section 2 of this rule.
Section 2. Pre-filing Requirements for Rate Applications and Other Applications/Petitions for Relief Affecting the Consumers. - Before the Commission shall accept and docket rate applications and other applications or petitions for relief affecting the consumers, the applicant or petitioner must comply with the following requirements:
(a) The applicant or petitioner must furnish the Local Government Unit (LGU) Legislative Body (and not the Office of the Mayor) of the city or municipality where it principally operates, a copy of the application or petition, and not a mere notice of application/petition, with all its annexes and accompanying documents. If such principal place of operation is a component city or a municipality, the applicant or petitioner shall likewise furnish the LGU Legislative Body of the province of which such component city or municipality is part.
(b) The applicant or petitioner must cause the publication of the entire application or petition, excluding its annexes, and not a mere notice of filing or notice of application or petition, in a newspaper of general circulation within its franchise area or area where it principally operates.
Section 3. Proof of Compliance with the Pre-filing Requirements. - To demonstrate compliance with the foregoing requirements, the applicant or petitioner shall attach to its application or petition a certification issued by the Presiding Officer, Secretary of the LGU Legislative Body concerned, or their duly authorized representatives, attesting to the fact that such LGU Legislative Body was served a copy of the application or petition, with all its annexes and accompanying documents, and the date of such service. In the absence of such certification, the applicant or petitioner shall prove compliance by attaching the affidavit of the person that served the application or petition on the LGU Legislative Body, attesting to such fact and the date of such service. The affiant shall also attach to the affidavit a copy of the page of the application or petition bearing the stamp “received” or acknowledgement of receipt by the LGU Legislative Body.
The applicant or petitioner shall also attach to the application or petition an affidavit of publication executed by the editor-in-chief or other responsible officer of the newspaper of general circulation wherein the application or petition was published, together with a copy of the newspaper issue containing the published application or petition. The affidavit of publication shall also contain information on the area or areas where the newspaper is being circulated.
Section 4. Pre-filing Conference with Commission Staff. - Before accepting any application or petition for filing, the Commission’s Docket Section may first refer applicant or petitioner, or its representative to the appropriate Service of the Commission for a pre-filing conference to inquire into the compliance with the foregoing pre-filing requirements and/or the completeness of the supporting documents attached to the application or petition.
Section 5. Filing Fees. – The requirement for the payment of filing fees upon the filing of an initiatory pleading shall be governed by the Schedule of ERC Fees and Charges, as amended.


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